15yo Murdered His Girlfriend, Hid Her Under The Sink & Then Shared Footage

One friend’s disturbing reply was ‘bros before hoes.’

Jessie London
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Karen Perez was described as someone who was ‘always smiling and laughing.’

Jesus Campos Jr., a Texas teenager, forced Karen Perez to cut class by threatening her via text message. The 15-year-old girl obeyed, after she received his death threats, and accompanied her boyfriend to some abandoned apartments where they hung out with friends.

On the 27th of May, 2016 when Karen didn’t come home, her parents reported her missing and a search was launched.

Jesus Campos Jr. joined in the search, having told police that he had last seen his girlfriend at a local restaurant.

After three days of searching Jesus and his father were driving together when he said, ‘just take me home because she is not alive…’

Campos’ father drove him straight to Houston Police Station where he was asked what he knew about Karen’s disappearance. Despite his earlier statement to his father, Campos denied having any knowledge of Karen’s whereabouts.

A teenager came forward and told the mounted police searching for Karen that he and a group of friends had gone to some abandoned apartments near South Houston High School. The boy confirmed that when he left, only Karen and Jesus Campos were in the apartment.

Police immediately searched the location and discovered Karen’s body stuffed under the sink. Karen had been strangled.

Karen’s birthday celebration

Now a murder suspect, Campos’ phone was seized and searched. Police soon discovered what had happened.

Once their friends had left the apartments, Campos had brutally raped Karen. The boy had recorded it on his phone. Karen begged and pleaded but he did not stop. Campos went on to strangle Karen to death.

Later, Campos shared the footage with his friends. One of the friends who received a photograph of Karen replied with, ‘Bros before hoes,’ making it clear that they would not report Campos.

There were at least two of Campos’ friends who knew that he had raped and murdered Karen…



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