This has helped me surround myself with wonderful people.

How well we understand one another can have a wide-reaching impact on our lives. From partner choice to the friends we surround ourselves with.

If like me, you’ve made the odd poor choice in the past, perhaps you’ve placed trust in the wrong person; this single insight may prove invaluable to you too.

I have personally found this single point of insight the most powerful and accurate way to quickly judge whether or not someone is right for me, as a partner or trusted friend.

While it may sound harsh to judge someone on a single trait or behavior, I’ve…

The amazing story of Lisa McVey’s fight for survival against one of America’s most predatory criminals.

Lisa McVey had always been a survivor. Growing up a victim of abuse, daughter of a mother with drug and alcohol problems, Lisa was sexually assaulted on a regular basis between 14 and 17 years old. Forced deep into depression, even contemplating suicide, Lisa had no way of knowing that her experience with abusive men would one day save her life.

Lisa’s Abduction

With an alcoholic mother who lost their home due to addiction, Lisa had to fend for herself from a young age.

When she was 14 years old, Lisa moved in with her grandmother and her grandmother’s partner. …

When the plan failed, he cooked and ate the corpse using chopsticks.

Like a number of internet-age killers, Stefano Brizzi met his victim online. Following consensual sex, Brizzi killed Police Constable Gordon Semple by strangulation. Once the horrendous deed was done, Brizzi turned to his favorite TV show — Breaking Bad — for inspiration on how to dispose of his victim’s body. Brizzi attempted to purchase acid and a plastic container as Walter White instructed Jesse Pinkman to do in the series. However, the plan to dissolve the body in acid failed and Brizzi dismembered the PC, grinding, cooking, and then eating some of his flesh.

The ‘bathtub’ scene in Breaking Bad

Some simple writing prompts that have allowed me to battle anxiety & improve my mental health

I confess that up until a couple of months ago, I didn’t know what journaling was. It’s a phase I hadn’t heard much here in England and an activity I’d never tried before.

Sure, I wrote a diary as a kid. It was fluffy, pink, and had a heart-shaped padlock on the side. I lost the key more times than not, and often resorted to stuffing bits of scrap paper between the pages until I could get back inside.

So journaling? Zero idea.

I only became interested in journaling after reading a magazine article about how powerful this simple pen-on-paper…

Stars from The Walking Dead, Friends, The Handmaid’s Tale and Star Trek are devoted Scientologists.

The Church of Scientology is thought to be a strange and scary, cult-like organization, yet great talent continues to emerge from it. The Church’s deep ties with Hollywood and well-known, but little hard evidence seems to exist to explain how so many Scientologists become award-winning A-listers.

John Travolta and Tom Cruise are the biggest names that are mentioned time and again, but there are many more screen stars that were born within the Church or are members of it.

This article will talk about five Hollywood stars and how they came to be connected to one of the most secretive…

Why we need to listen to our soul and no one else today.

Covid 19 has had a huge impact on lives in most countries. Really HUGE. We’ve been separated from our families for a year. Lived in a small bubble. Worked from home. Missed restaurants, nights out, cinemas, even Christmas.

We have suffered.

Not the kind of suffering that many experience in their lives, but this year has hurt us.

We need to sit with that a moment; not to reflect on the pain, the loss, the injustices…but to acknowledge that we have been through something. In many countries, we are still going through it.

I saw one of those really annoying…

The number of women seeking divorce is up +16% and now accounts for 76% of the total.

The Covid 19 year has seen a huge rise in divorce petitions from women.

One leading British law firm saw +122% in divorce inquiries, mainly from women. A US documents firm saw the sale of its Basic Divorce Template increase by +34%.

The number of divorces actually filed had also increased and 76% of petitioners are women. This is a +16% increase in the number of female petitioners compared to the same period the year before.

While there are many possible reasons for the increase, a common cause of divorce is resentment born of domestic inequality.

Domestic inequality, in this…

I asked my husband to move out after only 18 months of marriage, and I’m so pleased I did.

I was 28 years old when I got married. We had two children and lived in the small house I’d bought before we met. We both worked full-time. I juggled several part-time roles around childcare and he did regular office hours.

Within a few months of being married, the relationship became very negative. I’ve no plan to describe the things that went wrong in any detail; I have two children and will respect their father because of them.

The summary from my pov would be that my husband regretted the decision to have a family young and craved the bachelor…

From Myra Hindley to Doctor Death… here are some of the cold-hearted killers with a soft spot for pets

Psychological research has long-since identified childhood cruelty to animals as a huge red flag. Torturing or killing weaker creatures is an early sign of later delinquency, violence, and criminal behavior.

You’d probably not be surprised to hear that nearly all perpetrators of violent crime have a history of animal cruelty. Albert deSalvo, the Boston Strangler who was convicted of killing 13 women, shot arrows through dogs and cats as a child. Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold boasted about torturing animals for laughs.

But there is another story to be told.

Some of the biggest, badest killers buy puppies…

Re-understanding fat-loss allowed me to succeed with it for the first time ever.

I’ve always carried a couple of extra stones.

Being really tall, I usually get away with it and I have always managed to look fairly comfortable in most outfits.

However, following a prolonged illness I was left with both lockdown and medication weight, added to the couple of stone I was already concealing.

I knew that I was around three stones overweight and a test revealed my body fat to be upwards of 30%.

My solution?

I did what I’ve always done when I pick up a few pounds; cut out my treats and favorite meals, sweat it out with…

Jessie London

PGCE English + BA Literature. Tech Entrepreneur for 15 years. Now a Writer. Main interests: Wellbeing, Books, Feminism, Crime, Business & Relationships.

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