The amazing story of Lisa McVey’s fight for survival against one of America’s most predatory criminals.


Lisa McVey had always been a survivor. Growing up a victim of abuse, daughter of a mother with drug and alcohol problems, Lisa was sexually assaulted on a regular basis between 14 and 17 years old. Forced deep into depression, even contemplating suicide, Lisa had no way of knowing that her experience with abusive men would one day save her life.

Lisa’s Abduction

With an alcoholic mother who lost their home due to addiction, Lisa had to fend for herself from a young age.

When she was 14 years old, Lisa moved in with her grandmother and her grandmother’s partner. …


The NHS worker was dragged into bushes in broad daylight by a serial sex attacker.

Waiting for a bus home at 4:30pm in the afternoon should be a safe thing for anyone to do. An NHS worker had her world turned upside, down when she was grabbed from the bus stop and dragged into bushes. Unlikely salvation in the form of a car horn was the only thing that saved her from enduring an even longer ordeal.

At 4:30pm in the afternoon, a female NHS worker was waiting for her bus home in the Manchester area, England. As she waited, she spotted a man watching her and she became unsettled. …


Julie Morris has been a Deputy Headteacher and has worked in education for over a decade.

Julie Morris (44)

It’s rare to read about a female teacher who’s been involved in the sexual assault of a child, but Julie Morris (44) of Manchester, England was charged this week for just that reason.

Ms. Morris was an RE and Maths teacher, as well as being the Deputy Headteacher, at St. George’s Central Church of England Primary School in Tyldesley when the alleged crimes took place. The victim (13), however, is believed to attend a different school as children in England move to Secondary School from age 11.

As well as a subject teacher and Deputy Head, Julie Morris was also…

Current Crime: Open Investigations

The 34yo found horrifying footage on his friend’s phone and killed him, now neighbors have rallied to pay the legal fees and get the killer released.

The factory worker (pictured with his partner) discovered his friend was abusing children and killed him.

A few months ago a rocket factory worker went for a drink with his best friend. After the pair had enjoyed several beverages, one of the men fell asleep and his friend borrowed his mobile phone. What he discovered on the device would leave one man dead and another in jail.

Unlike most murders though, the community in which the pair lived has rallied behind the killer. In fact, this week neighbors banded together and raised the money to hire a top lawyer to free a murderer.

Here’s why…

Vyacheslav M (34) is a rocket factory worker from Vintai Village

Short Reads

Believed the be tipped over the edge by Covid-lockdown worries, he murdered the entire family and their dog.

Kelly and her children are being remembered by their loving family, who are raising funds for a memorial.

On the 29th of March 2020, police discovered the bodies of four family members: Kelly Fitzgibbons (40), Robert Needham (42), Ava Needham (4), and Lexi Needham (2) along with the body of their much-loved family dog, Bill.

The family, who lived in Woodmancote, Sussex, suffered gunshot wounds whilst inside their $600,000 country home. The large house was owned by and shared with Mr. Needham’s mother, who was not present during the killings.

A police investigation is “not seeking anyone else in connection with the matter” and it is believed that Robert Needham committed the crime and then turned his weapon…

Survivor Stories

The courageous girl escaped from the man who killed her parents, then forced her to cook & play board games with him.

The Closs family was a regular and happy, American family. Mom, Denise was a kind-hearted nature lover. Dad, James was a sports fan and their daughter Jayme was a well-liked, active 13-year-old schoolgirl.

Little did the family know that their lives were in danger and one man’s fixation would change everything, forever.

On the 15th of October, 2018 at around midnight, a 911 call came from the Closs family home. Although the dispatcher could hear a lot of noise, there was no one speaking from the residence.

Sensing that something was very wrong, the dispatcher routed a squad car to…

Five people abducted from a Texas KFC — the shocking case that is only partially solved.

Graphic created by Author

In September 1983, five people were abducted from a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Kilgore, Texas. Three of the people worked in the restaurant and two were customers.

KFC colleagues, Joey Johnson (20), Mary Tyler (37), and Opie Hughes (39) were reported as missing by Mary’s daughter, who discovered the crime scene.

It was around 10:30 pm when Kimberley arrived at the KFC to speak with her Mom. Upon arrival, Kim discovered that the door was unlocked and there was blood on the floor. …

He was just 7-years-old when he made his first kill.

Amarjeet Sada, Aged 8. Graphic created by Author.

Mushahar is a small village in rural India. A village filled with playing groups of children, hard-working women chatting over chores and men out working the fields from dawn til dusk. People have very little money, but their sense of family and community is strong.

Life in Mushashar was tough. An when a 6-year-old girl from the large Sada family stopped playing out with the other children, the villagers gave the family space to grieve, believing that the child had passed away.

A few months later, the Sada family experienced another loss. This time an 8-month-old baby. Again, the villagers…

A two-year-old witness and a police honey-trap — the story of one of the most shocking cases in British history.

Rachel Nickell & her son, Alex.

On the 15th of July 1992, Rachel Nickell, her son Alex and their dog Molly went for a walk on Wimbledon Common. It was a bright, summer morning and plenty of Londoners were enjoying the natural space, completely unaware of the predator in their midst.

Rachel (23), Alex (2), and Molly were walking through a quiet part of the park when an attacker grabbed Rachel. The man stabbed Rachel repeatedly with a knife, killing her in front of her young son. Then he sexually assaulted her, washed his hands in a nearby stream, and left the Common.

A while later…

The double rapist & murderer has been released from prison in Summer 2021 & lives 2 hours from me.

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is a molecule that contains our individual, unique, genetic codes. Genetic Fingerprinting is the process of using our DNA to identify us. The process is now famous and the focus of many crime dramas such as Dexter & NCIS. Long before the process, developed in Leicester, England by Alex Jeffreys et al in 1984, became well-known, police relied on other methods to identify criminals.

In this case, police had a full confession, but genetic fingerprinting proved one man innocent and another man guilty simultaneously and for the first time ever in the UK.

In a shocking turn…

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