The amazing story of Lisa McVey’s fight for survival against one of America’s most predatory criminals.

Lisa McVey had always been a survivor. Growing up a victim of abuse, daughter of a mother with drug and alcohol problems, Lisa was sexually assaulted on a regular basis between 14 and 17 years old. Forced deep into depression, even contemplating suicide, Lisa had no way of knowing that her experience with abusive men would one day save her life.

Lisa’s Abduction

With an alcoholic mother who lost their home due to addiction, Lisa had to fend for herself from a young age.

When she was 14 years old, Lisa moved in with her grandmother and her grandmother’s partner. …

Know the ending you want, if you’re going to run a business.

I became an Entrepreneur at the age of 21. Within a couple of years, my business was flying, I’d hired 20+ staff and been named Entrepreneur of the Year (UK).

A lot went right, and a lot went wrong in those early days, but I had one thing that gave me the edge: a sterling piece of advice from my mentor.

Picture him. A 10-yo boy living in a terraced house who did his 4-mile paper round on foot every day before school until he could buy bike. A lad who finished school proud of his one and only ‘O-level’…

True Crime Stories

Esme the cat unveiled as the Oregon neighborhood felon.

Kate Felmet from Oregon has outed her black beauty as the neighborhood’s felonious-feline.

The ICU Doctor who adopted Esme the cat, has come up with a genius solution to return the stolen items to their rightful owners by hanging them on a line in her garden.

To date, Esme’s pilfered items have included:

  • A camera
  • A taxidermy bat
  • Spiderman knee pads
  • Fabric
  • Countless gloves
  • Dozens of masks

Kate believes that Esme's kleptomania may have developed in response to her avid praise for the puss when she brought home anything other than small animals.

Upset by Esme hunting little birds, Kate…

How a former nurse almost got away with murder.

Steven Clayton was 64 years old when his wife murdered him using off-the-shelf eye drops. Former nurse, Lana Sue Clayton, pumped the drops into Steven’s drinking water until he succumbed. Lana then watched as Steven suffered for 3 days before dying. Investigators initially believed that Steven had died from a fall, but a later toxicology report alerted them to foul play and they arrested his wife.

The Claytons first made the front page in 2016, when Lana Clayton ‘accidentally’ shot her husband with a cross-bow.

The incident was believed by all to be accidental. Steven survived and the shooting seemed…

Serial Killer Survivor Stories

Tommy Lynn Sells confessed to killing up to 70 people before a young girl brought him to justice.

Krystal Surles was just 10-years-old when serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells slashed her throat and murdered her best friend in front of her. Astonishingly, Krystal was able to play dead so convincingly that the murderer left the property. The young girl then ran a quarter-mile to alert neighbors. Unable to speak, Krystal wrote notes to ask others to summon immediate help. From her hospital bed, she went on to support the police investigation and created a detailed sketch that helped police apprehend her attacker.

Krystal had no idea that she would bring down one of the most prolific serial killers…

Inside Death Row — June 2021

The story of the only woman on Oklahoma’s Death Row.

Brenda Andrew was just 38 years old when she murdered her husband for $800,000 in insurance money. In partnership with her lover and fellow Church member, she lured her husband into her garage and the pair shot him twice. Brenda Andrew had previously failed to kill her husband when he noticed that his car’s brake line had been severed and reported to police that he believed he was being targeted in a murderous conspiracy.

After a brief stint on the run, mother-of-two, Brenda Andrew was convicted and sentenced to death.

She is now the only woman on Oklahoma’s death row.

Inside Death Row June 2021

…and he’s suing the State for forcing him to choose between the electric chair and a firing squad.

In possibly one of the strangest death row appeals, inmate Brad Sigmon is suing the State of South Carolina as they have been unable to obtain lethal injection drugs to execute him with.

Sigmon (63), along with another inmate named Freddie Owens, will be the first men to die in South Carolina under a new law that asks them to choose between the electric chair and a firing squad due to the lack of available lethal drugs.

Sigmon’s execution was previously stayed due to the lack of drugs. …

Inside Death Row June 2021

…he is scheduled to be executed in 28 days’ time

John William Hummel’s execution date is set — 6pm, 30th June 2021. Hummel will be killed by lethal injection at Huntsville State Penitentiary in Huntsville, Texas. Following an initial stay of execution due to Covid-19, the 45-year-old’s lawyers are currently appealing in the hope of having his sentence reduced to life without parole.

Hummel confessed to the murder of his pregnant wife, Joy, their five-year-old daughter Jodi and his father-in-law, Clyde.

Time is running out for John William Hummel who worked as a security guard close to his home in Kennedale, TX.

It was in 2009 that Hummel began an…

I’m definitely not one…am I? Are you?

The word narcissist seems to be everywhere right now; in the news, on social media, in conversation. It’s one of those words that I’d always just assumed I understood — cruising through conversations without having to say — hold up — what even is a Narcissist?

I’d always thought my ex was one, but couldn’t tell you why specifically. I’d always assumed I’m not one, but I’d struggle to prove it.

So let’s explore the word a little and figure out who is one and how we can know.

Origins of the word Narcissist come from the Greek myths

Narcissus was the name of a young handsome man who fell…

When the plan failed, he cooked and ate the corpse using chopsticks.

Like a number of internet-age killers, Stefano Brizzi met his victim online. Following consensual sex, Brizzi killed Police Constable Gordon Semple by strangulation. Once the horrendous deed was done, Brizzi turned to his favorite TV show — Breaking Bad — for inspiration on how to dispose of his victim’s body. Brizzi attempted to purchase acid and a plastic container as Walter White instructed Jesse Pinkman to do in the series. However, the plan to dissolve the body in acid failed and Brizzi dismembered the PC, grinding, cooking, and then eating some of his flesh.

The ‘bathtub’ scene in Breaking Bad

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PGCE English + BA Literature. Tech Entrepreneur for 15 years. Now a Writer. Main interests: Wellbeing, Books, Feminism, Crime, Business & Relationships.

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