Chilling Last Words of Death Row Inmate

He spoke to his wife as he received the lethal injection.

Jessie London
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Tracy Beatty, 61.

Tracy Beatty married his wife in prison, while he served time on death row for murder. The couple exchanged letters and the woman began visiting Beatty and married him in the prison chapel in October 2022.

As stays and delays came and went, the execution was set for just a month later.

Tracy Beatty was sentenced to death for murdering his own mother years earlier. Beatty’s mother, named Caroline (62), had been assaulted by him many times but was excited when he moved in with her and hoped to repair their relationship.

Caroline Click

Beatty’s violent outbursts made this impossible and Caroline asked her son to move out following a serious assault in which he beat her badly and then left her for dead.

Beatty didn’t move out, despite numerous requests. Finally, he beat and strangled Caroline to death. Beatty buried his mother in a grave in her backyard, alongside her mobile phone. He then took her money and used it to buy alcohol and drugs.

Beatty was arrested and sentenced to death.

Over the years, Beatty’s lawyers have argued for his sentence to be commuted to life. Beatty’s lawyers said that one professional examination determined that he was “clearly psychotic and has a complex paranoid delusional belief system.” They also said that he believes there is a “vast conspiracy of correctional officers who … ‘torture’ him via a device in his ear so he can hear their menacing voices.”

Despite their petitions, Beatty’s execution was scheduled for November 2022 at Huntsville.

Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville or Huntsville Unit (HV), nicknamed “Walls Unit”

Guards collected Beatty and he was brought into the execution chamber. Before the procedure begun, the prison chaplain placed his hand on Beatty’s chest and prayered. Needles inserted into veins in Beatty’s wrists were loaded with pentobarbital.



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