Cop Who Hired Thugs to Execute his Wife is Sentenced to Die January 2023

Robert Fratta will be executed on the 10th of January 2023, making him the first of 9 scheduled executions in Texas next year.

Jessie London
3 min readDec 20, 2022


Robert Fratta

Fratta was a police officer and a fireman from Harris County, Texas. He lived with his wife, Farah, and their three children. Farah was a wonderful wife and mother and seems to have endured many years of disrespect and infidelity by her vain husband.

Fratta openly admitted to police that he didn’t find Farah attractive, and he liked obese women. He went on to say that he married Farah because she treated him like a God and he could tell she’d be a good wife.

Fratte engaged in multiple affairs with large women whom he asked to urinate and defecate on him. Fratta admitted enjoying coprophilia which is the gratification of consuming other people’s urine and faeces.

Farah was unable to live with pressure from Robert to engage in his sexual fetishes and filed for divorce.

As the couple went through evaluation hearings to determine custody of the children, Robert began to express his anger at paying child support and loss of control over his wife and children. Fratta was a regular gym goer and vented to several of his gym buddies, some of whom later testified in court.

Farah was shot twice in her garage while Robert was at Church with the children, giving him a solid alibi.

Fratta with his children

It took almost two years for police to be able to arrest Fratta in connection with his wife’s murder.

When a man arrested for another robbery was found to have a gun belonging to Fratta, and matching the murder weapon, the story unravelled.

Fratta had hired two thugs, one of whom attended his gym. The job was to kill Farah and the gunman would be paid $3000, the accomplice would be given Fratta’s jeep.



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