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  • Sean Gill

    Sean Gill

    Exercise Physiologist residing down under. Addicted to the science behind health and performance.

  • Morris T

    Morris T

    Melancholic by nature, hopeful by choice. Dreams of a day when people are kind to each other. Former Banker and Educator. http://bit.ly/SupportMorris 🙆 🙆‍♂️

  • Michelle Brown

    Michelle Brown

    Creator/Editor of Heart Affairs, Self, Inspired, I, Mother & I, Stepmother. Subscribe to Medium & support me at https://michelleponders.medium.com/membership

  • Zuva


    EiC of An Injustice! | Occasional journalist + future struggling screenwriter | Either cancel or commission me, I need the money - hello@zuvaseven.com

  • Lisa Marie Fuqua

    Lisa Marie Fuqua

    True Crime Writer in Las Vegas. I used to be a Web Developer in the Newsroom, now I spend my time in coffee shops researching murder.

  • Fatim Hemraj

    Fatim Hemraj

    i cover true crime | join Medium with my referral link: https://fatimhemraj.medium.com/membership 🎈

  • Christopher Kokoski

    Christopher Kokoski

    Endlessly curious| proud word nerd| Support my writing by joining Medium https://bit.ly/3jh3IoQ (affiliate link - I get a portion of your fee)

  • Josie Klakström

    Josie Klakström

    Josie is a freelance journo who writes about true crime, culture and marketing. www.truecrimeedition.com

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