Kim Kardashian's Appeal for Death Row Inmate Scheduled to Die in 17 Days

“he needs our help, urgently,” Kardashian said in a tweet.

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Glossip is scheduled for execution in 17 days’ time.

Currently on death row in the Oklahoma State Penitentiary is Richard Eugene Glossip, an American prisoner who was convicted of plotting the 1997 murder of Barry Van Treese.

Glossip’s accomplice, Justin Sneed, who was 19 years old at the time of the crime and had a meth habit, agreed to plead guilty in exchange for testifying against Glossip. Sneed was sentenced to life.

Due to the lack of corroborating evidence, Glossip’s conviction has gained international attention. The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals described the first case against him as extremely weak.

A 60-year-old former motel manager, Glossip, was convicted of murder after he ordered the killing of his boss, Barry Van Treese.

The family of Van Treese expressed strong opposition to clemency at a recent hearing.

Glossip, who has been on death row for over twenty-four years and received three reprieves or stays of execution, is now scheduled for his ninth execution on the 18th of May 2023.

Oklahoma state aims to carry out a series of over two dozen executions within the next few years.

Justin Sneed’s addiction to methamphetamine at the time of Van Treese’s murder and his habit of breaking into vehicles in the Best Budget Inn parking lot while working as a maintenance man was asserted by Glossip’s legal team as evidence of Glossip’s innocence. Glossip’s execution is controversial because his conviction was based almost entirely on the testimony of Sneed, who confessed to killing Van Treese alone with an aluminium baseball bat and was spared a death sentence by implicating Glossip.

Glossip said:

I absolutely did not cause Justin Sneed to commit any crime against Mr. Van Treese, let alone to murder him.

Attorney General Gentner Drummond wrote a letter to the parole board before Wednesday’s hearing stating that he thinks the evidence demonstrates Glossip’s guilt as an accessory after the fact and possibly even as a murderer. Drummond wrote that there is not enough evidence to prove that he is guilty…



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