Murdered at Christmas with Chloroform Bought from eBay

Her boyfriend and his brother plotted her death via text message.

Jessie London
4 min readDec 23, 2022


Sameena Imam

Sameena Imam bought her boyfriend a £500 Christmas getaway at a top hotel in Birmingham, England. Little did she know that he’d use the festive holiday to murder her.

Roger Cooper met Sameena Imam at work in a Costco store in Coventry, UK. A married man, he let Sameena believe that his marriage was on the rocks and the couple would soon be together properly.

For Christmas 2014, Sameena bought Roger a holiday break in a nearby city. They left work at the same time but drove separately to a nearby area where they left Sameena’s BMW on a side road. Sameena moved her suitcase for the stay at Malmaison into Roger’s Audi A6 and they headed to his brother David’s Leicester home, for what she believed to be a quick Christmas visit.

On the drive to David’s home in Leicester, Sameena spoke to her sister for what would turn out to be the last time. Sameena told her sister of her plans and confirmed that she would arrive at their parents’ home on Boxing Day for the family Christmas celebrations.

Roger and Sameena arrived at David’s home and the brothers poisoned Sameena with chloroform that David had purchased on eBay. At trial, he would claim that he made the purchase on the marketplace but deny that the chloroform ever arrived.

Roger and David Cooper

As soon as Sameena had died from chloroform toxicity, Roger left and drove back to his home town of Coventry. Using Sameena’s phone, he text himself in a naive attempt to create the impression that she was still alive at that point.

Sameena’s family reported her missing when she failed to arrive at her parents’ home for Christmas as planned.

On Boxing Day, David drove from his Leicester home to Coventry, picked up Sameena’s BMW from the roadside and drove it back to his address. The following day (27th December 2014), he drove the vehicle to another city where he abandoned it and made his return journey by rail.



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