The Best Online Work From Home Part Time Jobs in 2022

Finding online work-from-home part-time jobs in this day and age can feel a bit like navigating the Colorado River on a homemade raft, blindfolded.

Jessie London
8 min readJan 6, 2022


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Finding online work-from-home part-time jobs in this day and age can feel a bit like navigating the Colorado River on a homemade raft, blindfolded.

In other words, it’s pretty tough.

Despite the thousands of websites purporting to offer fair pay for online tasks, you can end up devoting hours upon hours for zero return.

In 2022, there seem to be more websites than ever offering the allusive ‘high earning side hustle’ — but are any of them for real?

In a world where ‘due to Covid’ is a phrase we hear daily, more and more of us are keen to have more control over our working lives and our income.

Online work from home part-time jobs can be life-changing for those who need more work-life balance, job flexibility, are parenting, or are in need of more income than their regular employment provides.

I found myself searching for an online work-from-home part-time job when my daughter was born and I became a single Mom. I tried everything. I went down every rabbit hole the internet had to offer. I did surveys. I watched adverts. I signed up to cashback sites.

The result? Hours and hours spent generating pennies.

Luckily for me, another result was that I discovered some online work-from-home part-time jobs that actually pay. Some that pay very well.

In this article, I’ll share three online work from home part-time jobs that I’ve tried, tested, and profited from. I’ll also mention one lucrative secret ‘side-hustle’ that worked well for me short term.

1. Medium Writing

Medium is an online work-from-home part-time job that allows writers to create articles about topics of their choosing and post them on the platform.
Medium is the single best online work-from-home part-time job that I’ve ever had.

Medium is a blogging platform whereby anyone can sign up and begin writing articles about topics of their choosing. There are thousands of readers subscribed to Medium, and writers are paid per read.

I began writing on Medium in Nov 2020 and within a couple of months, my earnings were above $1000.

In my first year, I earned approximately $9,000.

Full disclosure — I am an English graduate so my writing skills are reasonably strong.

BUT, other than a good grasp of written English, I had no other skills that lead to my success on Medium.

I’m always wary of ‘gurus’ who espouse ‘determination and hard work’ as their key to success, but with this particular online work-from-home part-time job, it really is about sticking with it. For some writers, it’ll take months before you start earning, but writers benefit from the compound effect: you can still make money from every article, even if you wrote it a year ago. Ergo, the more you write, the more you earn. Like a giant snowball, growing ever bigger.

Writers include Barack Obama, Will Wheaton…and me ;)

This is my favorite online ‘job.’ I enjoy it so much that I write for fun. I take chunks of time out. I write from any location. Additionally, when I applied for my Masters last year, my online Medium portfolio was a great talking point at my interview.

If you’re interested in giving Medium a try — find out more and sign up for free here:

Please Note that referring new writers to Medium is something new and the earnings referred to in the above description did not come from referrals, but from reads. Please approach anything based on referring others for income, cautiously — that’s usually called a pyramid scheme!

2. Customer Services

The image shows customer services operators, working from home.
My online work-from-home part-time customer service job involved monitoring the web-chat, emails, and social.

Another online job that paid fairly was Customer Service. I found work through a local job site and worked for a couple of different companies remotely.

The jobs involved email communication with customers, mainly looking up orders on a database and letting them know when items would arrive. The company had set up canned responses, so it was really straightforward. There was the odd complaint to deal with, but nothing too soul-destroying.

I also manned the online webchat, and Facebook + Marketplace messages, and answered customer queries coming in through those channels. For the most part, the answers to the questions were themselves answered on the company’s website, but I was able to direct customers to relevant pages etc.

There was also the option to answer phone calls at all hours, but I’ve never enjoyed telephone work and made that clear in my interview.

I earned around $2000 in 6 months for this work.

The work was low-paid, minimum wage, but it was something I could do with Cobra Kai on the TV behind me, so I really didn’t mind. I really enjoyed these jobs and would recommend this type of work.

3. Tutoring

Tutoring is an excellent work-from-home job option. Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels

This was the online work-from-home part-time job that I enjoyed the least, but it paid well.

I signed up as a tutor for conversational English and worked with children from around the world who were trying to improve their English. For conversational English tuition, you don’t need any formal qualifications, but you have to prove fluency in the language and be interviewed.

If you have some qualifications in any area, from piano to Polish, you can specialize in teaching that topic and earn more money.

My first lesson was a disaster, and the parents complained that I was unprepared — they were right. From that point on, I arrived with a simple PowerPoint and worked through key phrases across different categories: Hobbies, About Me, My Family. I’d say the phrases and have the child respond and then switch roles.

It was mainly pronunciation and tense correction that lead to the improvement in the child’s spoken English over time.

I earned around $1000 in this job.

While I had a few clients and received good feedback, I simply didn’t enjoy this job and left (following fair notice) after about three months. I disliked the commitment, the prep work, the pressure of the face-to-face one or two-hour sessions. A friend (and qualified teacher) left her full-time job and tutors online, makes good money, and loves it.

Although I didn’t personally enjoy this job, that’s probably more to do with me than the work itself. It’s a good earner and I can imagine some people really thrive on the relationships they build with their students over years of progress. It can be particularly lucrative if you’re qualified and have a specialism too.

What Didn’t Work

Online work-from-home part-time jobs that didn’t work out for me, ironically included those most often detailed in articles like this one.

I tried transcription, which was really difficult to get into. This involves listening to something and typing up the conversation/lecture/notes. I took lots of online tests and was finally accepted by one company that had very little work available. The work I did get took so long and I was paid very little for it. Hopefully, others have had a better experience of this than I did, but I personally wouldn’t recommend it.

I tried surveys, web-testing, and cashback sites. Again, these are widely talked about as easy ways to make money online, from home. I spent hours and hours on these and never made much. Anything I did make was often held back by a rule that payments were only made when you achieved a minimum earning level. I never reached it! Again, I’d love to hear from others who have had a better experience of this than I did but based on my experiences I wouldn’t recommend it.

Secret $1000 Side Hustle

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

I came across this side hustle by googling something pretty similar to what you probably googled to land on this article.

I found this YouTube video about something called Matched Betting, and if I had tried this I may have earned around $1000 in a year ;)


When it comes to finding online work-from-home part-time jobs in 2022, my advice would be to ignore the ‘get rich quick’ ideas that flood the internet. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is and no business will give you money for nothing.

Following my trip down the online working rabbit hole, the thing that worked best for me and that I whole-heartedly can’t recommend enough, is writing on Medium. Mainly because I enjoy it, but also because I feel that I’m paid fairly for my effort. If I write good articles, I receive good money.

Working part-time, from home, with only the internet as your tool, is possible. You can make money this way and work around your life, instead of living around your work. Just approach the world of online working with a healthy sense of skepticism, a bigger dose of optimism, and a whole load of determination.

Thank you for reading me.

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