The Air BNB Murder

The killer hosts who murdered their guest

Jessie London
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Ramis (left) and the AirBNB house (top right) that he rented from Craig, Jason and Ryan.

When 36-year-old Ramis Jonuzi checked into an AirBNB in Melbourne, Australia, he had no idea that it would cost him his life.

In October 2017, Ramis was looking for a cheap place to stay for a few nights and he selected the spare room of a home that housed three men of a similar age to Ramis.

The AirBNB in Brighton East, Melbourne was home to Craig Levy (36) a Chef, Ryan Smart (37) and Jason Colton (41).

The men hoped to generate a little extra income from Air BNB to help to cover the rent. The cost per night was only $30 per night so the room was frequently booked.

The reviews weren’t great, and the hosts weren’t well liked by their guests, but the home was well located and very low cost. One guest review said that they felt uncomfortable and suspected that they had property stolen whilst in the AirBNB.

Although Ramis didn’t get a great vibe when he arrived at the property, he stayed for three nights without incident. On the third night, Ramis asked his host Craig Levy if he could stay on for a few more nights for a reduced rate, preferably, for free.

Ramis Jonuzi

Ramis showed Craig that he had no money in his account and Craig had mercy and said he could stay for two more nights for free. Once Ramis had stayed those two nights, Craig demanded money for the additional nights.

Ramis couldn’t pay any more money and was asked to leave on October 25th 2017.

Only Craig was in the house and Ramis went to pack up his belongings. The packing took hours and Craig played Xbox in his room as he waited for his guest to leave. Ramis came to Craig and asked again to stay for free and Craig refused. Ryan and Jason were in a nearby pub, and text Craig asking if their guest had paid and left. Craig responded that Ramis was taking a long time to pack up and vacate.

Once packed, Ramis asked Craig to check that the room was left nicely which the host did. About to leave, Craig asked Ramis for the keys to the property back and Ramis explained that he didn’t…



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